The Early Bird …or something like that

Sitting over my planner (I still write down every single appt I have in an old school planner with a pen) and calendar on my phone AND laptop to sync all these appointments, events, school and work schedules coming up, I have a feeling that August will fly by in an instant and the busy, normal school life will have us back again.  Better be prepared and have it all with me at all times and situations, right!? lol

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I am getting kind of squirmy thinking of all these things that are coming up, the school supply shopping (never liked doing it, never will), the work and work trips in between it all for me to help out my vineyard family again and then the Open House days in both schools.
I am back to having to go to two different schools lol.  The days of having both boys in the same school, on the same bus, at the same times are over.

And I still dislike that, the older these kiddos are getting, the more sleep they need, the sooner they have to get up, get ready and start school.  It would be so much more helpful and useful for ALL of us if these pre-teens and teens could just sleep in a bit longer, then go to school and work their butts off instead.  But no, the young ones, the ones that are jumping up and down the walls cause they are up since 5am and don’t know what else to do until the bus will pick them up for school to start, are the ones who get to ‘sleep in’ and sit at home and be waiting ‘patiently’ for the school days….  I’ll never get it…

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But so we are preparing for school again!
The shopping lists are printed out for both 1st and 5th grade, the dates are saved on the calendar and now to make it all work with everything else that comes our way.  Mainly camp fun, vineyard, road trip, bible camp, pool, pre-camp meets, birthdays, yard work, and just chilling.  There is always something to do and we can guarantee you that we won’t be bored in this house for those last days of summer!!  We will find things we can and get to do!!  Nevertheless, we will be enjoying these last few weeks of summer break like there is no tomorrow and make it the best time of our lives yet.  Maybe even throwing in a hike just to make the juggling of events a bit more interesting than it is already.  But then again, who does not like to go out and hike at this time of year, to be atop a mountain and to take in the peace and quiet that, sometimes, comes with it!?  The kids and I certainly love those hiking adventures. Especially if there is a lake nearby where you can jump in to cool off a bit.

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