A Room With A View

It’s the season to be jolly… no, not quite yet lol But: we are jolly because we are hunting for apartments.
The better half is looking to find himself a place of solitude where work won’t be disturbed and the practices of the Cello will be rather glorious than interrupted.

Downtown, old building, near the lights and stardom of the future of the showbiz is where we desire to look and have been looking these few days.
Online first, then the first building on Tuesday and I am, although rather practically and critically thinking, in love with it. Why is that?
It IS him!! It is all he is and so much more and I couldn’t see a much better fit than this little 1 bedroom we have been looking at so far.

Of course, there is more apartments to be looked at and a decision to be made at some point but, if he can manage what needs to be done to hold that apartment, to live that grown-up-paying-bills-life, this apartment was made for him. What am I saying, that Building was made for him!! We do have an old soul and the charm of the old world will always enchant us in our daily life so what better thing than living in a building and therefore apartment that combines all these things in one!?

We will be starting so many new chapters in our lives, by ourselves and together as a couple, it is getting exciting to be us. New jobs (on his end) more revamping my place in a little farm on its own (on my end), to newly start off in a new apartment/workspace (his end) and then all of our adventures we will have together in those newly established spaces, work, and life with the kiddos on top of everything else is just the cherry on top of the cake in my opinion.


I am excited about life and new beginnings and wish that everyone will have their fair share of fun and love and happiness in their lives as well!! We deserve to be happy and maybe, if you are not, take a good long look at yourself, find out what it is that makes you unhappy and change it. If you have to follow your dreams in a way you couldn’t imagine so far because maybe, just maybe, that is the way your dreams will come true and find that person that is with you all the way, for better or worse and hold on to him/her and enjoy the ups and downs together!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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