..or why I need to get a whole new set of canning supplies again.

After I went out yesterday morning and ran some errands, gym, and came back home around noon my first thought was “shower. get cleaned up and then do whatever you want to tackle on your backyard project.”  But, in reality, I just went out back, grabbed the weedeater and got started on the grass.  Specifically the grass under my super overgrown apple tree, that is just too much for me to prune on my own cause no one ever did it these past years before I bought the house and now I am waiting out apple season to have someone do it for me before I tackle it again every year on my own.

So, there I was. Music on, weedeater going, and then this thought came to mind: “I should get a few of those apples before they ALL fall to the ground and start making some applesauce  while I still got half of this day left.”  Talk about staying focused …not!!
Went inside, grabbed three huge bowls, started picking the apples and once I was done it looked like I’ve done nothing.  It looked like I’ve done nothing to take some weight off of that poor tree and there were just as many apples on that darn thing than before. lol


So I am honestly contemplating to write a sign, announce it on Facebook (or something) that if you feel like you want to go apple picking, cause that is a thing, right!?, you just come to my house, bring your own bag or box or whatever and you get them bad boys for FREE !!  That is a great deal if you ask me cause, let’s face it, every apple orchard between here and the East Coast is gonna charge you money for that.  And with me, you’d only have to spend your own gas and take your own time to pick those apples.  Hmm….maybe I COULD make some money with that next year once the tree is pruned and, as it will probably go, will have even more apples on it.  And that in a place where people can actually reach them and not so high up that you’d need two ladders on top of each other or super extra climbing skills to actually get to these apples.

Anyways, back to the whole canning idea…  Now that I spend a whole day yesterday with the help of my oldest minion to make 5 glasses of applesauce (one and a half, almost two bowls of apples and still one very full, very big bowl of apples left) and seeing that those need to be eaten rather sooner than later and most definitely kept in the fridge, I thought that I need to get back to canning, seal them glasses and I can use all the dang apples that I can possibly get my hands on, and have the will to wash, cut, clean and mush, without having to maybe, eventually just throw it away cause no one ate it in time.


With that said:
Do you need some applesauce right now?!  Cause I got about three more glasses here that I need to find new owners for 😉

But really, who out there is still doing frugal things like canning, growing your own veggies/food and everything else there is you can do?  I am getting back into it and a day in the kitchen when I do not face the possibility of having to eventually throw it out is a day well spent in my book!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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