Tired like there’s no tomorrow

Have you ever been there?  I think this is it, my body is finally trying to catch up with the busy weekend I have had and that in the form of constant tiredness.  I am not aching, I have had no headache the day after we ( the better half and I) went out to check out his, then possibly, new workplace and felt good that whole day after only a few hours of sleep and then a whole day spent at a lout pool with the minions, lots of water and wave pool and what not.  But, today… today is a different story.

Tuesday was already a slow day after kickboxing cause I stayed home. A full day at home. Not going anywhere, putting off grocery shopping so I could just hang and chill. Ok, and clean my house lol but, other than that I mean I did nothing.  And even after almost 7 hrs of sleep, again, I am feeling rather sluggish today.  Could also be the cooldown of the weather because the mornings are pretty gray here by now, colder and I do miss this whole sunshine thing from the get-go a bit if I’m honest.  At least it’s supposed to heat up during the day and then we will see how it goes.  Coffee is currently being transferred into my system and I wonder how other people that are my age still go out and party.  Or are they just used to it more cause they never really stopped doing that anyway?  Questions over questions lol

But, while sitting at home yesterday I have been thinking of doing/starting a bit of a new thing: Things about me, you might want to know, you maybe were curious about or something like that.  Once or twice a week, I’ll post some fun things about me which, in turn, helps me to open up more and talk about me cause, let’s face it, in real life, here in my little corner of the world I do not do that at all.  I mean there is a few things that people know but most of me is mine so to speak lol  So, theoretically, two birds with one stone and we will eventually find out how this will work out.  But, again, just a thought so far, still looking for more and new things to write about, new topics, things that might interest you some more instead of only and always my day to day life 😉

So stay tuned and thank you for stopping by ever so often and reading anyway!!  You are much appreciated!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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