It’s a first

What were some things YOU did for the first time lately?  Have you been bungee jumping yet? Zip Lining? Kayaking? Maybe you did learn a new skill?

I want to do new things, learn new things, need to get out of my comfort zone again some more.  There are a few things that are definitely on my list but those are not so much for my every day or spur of the moment life and so I need some things, small but fun things, I can do here and there I thought.

The things mentioned up top are on my to do list, bucket list, whatever you want to call it but in the current situation, not something I can/could easily afford right now.  So these are long-term goals/ to do’s and will be done when the situation arises and the time is right.  But, next to those, I want a few small things I can do, with or without the minions, that are first time things for me to enrich my life a bit, make it more interesting, put more nifty tricks into my bag of skills…

So maybe you can let me know what it is that you would like to do for the first time, that is on your bucket list and what you have done lately to spice up that life.  I’d love to read about it from you!


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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