10 facts about me

As mentioned around Wednesday I believe it was, I would like to give you a bit of an insight about me and some facts, ideas, thoughts that are surrounding myself.  The easiest, well it seems easy but we will see, I thought would be 10 small or big facts about myself in a nutshell so to speak.  I do not know yet if I will actually manage ten but I will try!!

  1. I am German.  Not born into a family that once lived in Germany and that’s why YOU still say you are German but actually, totally, 100%, spend my first 26 years of life in Germany German.
  2. I have been around the world a bit (due to the Military) and one of my favorite places was South Korea.
  3. I cannot see me living back in Germany again.  Or at least not in the little town I actually grew up and spent my first 26 years in.
  4. I bought a house in WA almost 2 years ago and want to make that my own little, frugal sanctuary between travels and seeing the world with garden, chickens, guest house and a little country feel maybe even a bit of an Air bnb once it’s all done.
  5. I am turning 37 this year.  Big number somehow lol.  I still cannot believe I am almost 37.  Time sure flies when you have kids.
  6. I never know what to do with my hair.  No matter what I got, what length it is or color, I am never sure what to do with it, what to do next and such.  It’s an ongoing struggle but I believe that at some point I will know for sure.  I just don’t like it ever being the same all the time lol
  7. I am quite the OCD person.  Not as bad as I once was but boy oh boy it’s still something lol  I cannot sit still and just put my feet up when there are things to do, or I know that the kitchen (for example) is still dirty, filled w/ one or two dishes etc
  8. I have calendars and planners everywhere.  On the fridge as a whiteboard, then one on my phone and laptop and I have one “old school” planner for all the things I need to juggle in my day to day life.  It is what makes or breaks most of my days.  Because mom brain, I forget a lot of things with appt’s and stuff for three kids plus myself and the better half
  9. I LOVE snail mail!!  I am the master in writing snail mail, still writing little notes for people and sending off super cute things and packages and such!!  To me, these little, unexpected things are so much more personal than a simple email and lets you know the person actually took some time out of their day to get in contact with you, write or just to say hello.
  10. Joining the gym and getting started w/ the kickboxing there was probably the best thing that I’ve done!  I don’t like new people, lots of people in one place etc and am always super anxious about this and/or new settings but to start that was an amazing step for me and I love that I do this and gotta say it’s become a fixed part of my life I wouldn’t want to miss.


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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