Birthday Party Exhaustion

Currently, it’s 1:09 am on a Saturday morning and I am exhausted.  This day, well, Friday was too long, too hectic, and not enough time in a day if I am honest.

It started soooo early… Minion nr 1 had to be at the dentist from 8 am on and that for at least two hours before we had to get some shopping for the cats done, some shopping for the camp adventure for minion nr 2 and then hair appt for minion nr 1 again before, finally, we were home shortly after 1 pm.  That only lasted so long though because as soon as I got ready and was in the middle of fixing up the cake batter the unthinkable happened:
We. Are. Out. Of. Eggs.  How come nobody tells me this when they all know I STILL have to somehow, magically come up with a birthday cake for the middle minion !?!?!  Oh, the neverending story of endless questions which I successfully manage not to ask and instead I get ready to go to the store once more.  Youngest minion in tow whom first protested his little head off cause he wanted to stay home with the other two, but not cleaning room like the other two, and then, with my butt half out the door, decides “I change my mind, I am going with mom!”

2 hours later, 3 something pm and we are home ~again!
Will it work out this time?  WIll I be able to finish the cakes, cut them, half them, layer them etc? We don’t know!!  But we sure try!

Well, I can report that baking plus a neverending mountain of laundry, we decided to wash ALL the sheets we could possibly find in this house because of the cats, plus the boys getting real pissy and whiny toward the end of the day, made me take a nap.  A nap at 9 pm once I had the boys in bed and my alarm set for 3 in the morning aka 2 hrs from now to finish all these other things I still gotta do before the birthday party.

Was this a smart choice?  I don’t know but at the end, I can say I probably just needed a little nap because I am now sitting here before you, well the laptop really, typing this as we speak and the cake is completed in the fridge to work its way to ‘presentable’ lol’  The laundry is all done as well, thanks to the help of minion nr 1 and I just woke up cause the better half was finally home from his first day of work at the new job!!  or better, I just stayed awake because we were talking and that is why I stayed awake enough to complete my days work in the early hours of this, so far, quiet Saturday morning.
The final touch will be applied in the morning and so I will be trying to get my somewhat tired and mental breakdown recovered butt to bed/couch (my bed is full of all the laundry and sheets we washed today lol) for a few more hours before this alarm gets the better of me and I am up again lol



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