Where did I meet my man, my Love!?

If there is any luck in this world, it was definitely on my side when I met this most wonderful, fun, honest and ambitious man two years ago.  People ask how we met and let me tell you the tale of the internet love story.  You find many that claim to have found love, true love, through the internet but only a few that will actually make it last, worth their while and grow their love and with each other!!

It was a cold winter day when this gal found a most lovely picture of a man about her age on a dating site they both belonged to.  With mostly seeing only his backside, she decided to send him a little text about said back side, not thinking he would actually respond to any of it.  Yet, he surprised her and soon they were talking almost 24/7, soon behaving like they were old friends and had known each other for their entire life.  Well, it wasn’t that cold of a day but the rest is true.  After about three months we even decided to meet up for a spontaneous sushi date. He was sick, was supposed to be home resting, didn’t feel it and asked me out to sushi.  Picked me up and I think I pretty much talked his ear off that evening lol
But, I figured that, if it should ever go somewhere I let him know what happened not too long ago in this then still pretty crazy life of mine and what all there was that was going on at that time.  Be honest, be upfront and I figured he either is ok with me being that honest or he thinks ‘oh boy, she’s just crazy and no thank you’ lol

Well, it worked in my favor and pretty soon we were doing lots and lots of things together but not as a couple.  No, friendship first was always the main thing and if there should ever be more, it could only be enforced to be even stronger because of the friendship we had before a relationship started.

Now I cannot think of a life without him.  We are a very good team, having each other’s backs and lifting each other up when needed but also very honest with each other and on a 24/7 communication level!!  Could it get any better?  My answer is YES.  Every time I think that is it, we are at the best we can be, we level up once more, get better, get stronger and face new challenges of life and new chapters together again.  We are evolving constantly and although we love each other with all of our beings, we love each other in a way that has the other still feel free and feeling that they can do whatever they dream of, can reach their goal ( together or for themselves) with the other’s support and trust!  This is, to me and in my eyes, what love these days for me is about.  I cannot just sit at home and have a partner that does not want to grow, cannot grow or is not willing to grow and then, in turn, cannot see me achieve my goals, see me growing personally either.  With him, everything is easy, like having wings and flying, cruising through life like there is no tomorrow and as it would have always been this way and he was always there already…

And this is why I know we will be there, old age, sitting on the porch enjoying our morning coffee before we get on the bike to ride toward the sunrise and new adventures to come our way.


Talk soon…


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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