Just A Usual Day For Me

Now, I don’t think that a lot of you know what I actually do.  (It’s not much, no worries lol)  But I thought it would be fun, to let you see what a somewhat normal day looks like for me.  Let’s say it’s a school day which makes it easier.

  • waking up and getting up is always around 5-6am (all depending on the school, work etc)
  • breakfast and getting the boys ready from 6-720am
  • bus pick up 735am
  • I go and give the house a quick clean over (especially the kitchen and dining area) and then kickboxing (let’s say it’s Tuesday) from 8am to about 1130am
  • never eat lunch, I use that to shower and get the house cleaned up, do laundry and all those fun mom chores from about 1130am to 2pm
  • now to just sit and chill for a while, Instagram, Facebook, read a book, more coffee… whatever tickles my fancy from 2pm until I pick up the minions from the bus at 330pm
  • now we enter the “I don’t want to phase” aka homework phase from 4pm to 5pm and then it’s
  • dinner time around 5pm
  • getting ready for bed, cleaning up their rooms, shower etc from 6pm on and then usually some more reading and a nighttime movie from 7pm to 830pm
  • 830pm bedtime for my minions and I have either another hour where I can just sit (or more likely just clean the house some more so I don’t have to do that in the morning) or I fall into bed myself lol

There ya go. It’s not very or super interesting but: there are so many appointments and chores and errands thrown in on a daily basis as well with three kids that it really never gets too boring around here.  That is for sure.


Talk soon…

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