Then and Now

For this, I went a bit back.  Back to almost ten years ago,  when I was married, and we were about to move to South Korea or just got there not too long ago.  Time’s sure change, my friends.  Especially in these past ten years or so.  And it is interesting what two different lifestyles, people you surround yourself with, can do to you…inside and out.

The picture on the left:
Silke.  26 years old.  Birthday in a few days.  Mom of 2. The kids are (as they are now) the biggest and most important part of her life, the reason why she decided to make the move to the USA)  Just arrived in Savannah, GA and thought it would turn out to be a pretty easy going, no stress life w/ the Army and seeing some other countries while we are at it.

The picture on the right:
Silke. 36 years old.  Almost 10 years living in the USA and all over the world.  Raising 3 kids by now.  And sure as hell know that life, as she dreamed and thought it to be 10 years earlier, was nowhere near the life, problems, fights, and hole she would dig herself out again has its own plans for you.  But, in turn, this version of me would not give up any of the experiences, good and really bad, that I had throughout these past ten years cause, after all, this is what made me ME.  These experiences made me the person I am today, expressing myself better, believing in me a bit more and raising amazing, wonderful kids on a small piece of land with a roof over our heads and a love for nature, animals, themselves and to be amazing, wonderful, lovely grown-up people one day.

Through hell and back and never giving up has been the motto, still is the motto in some cases cause I am not done fighting for a better life for my children and myself yet.  And all good things will come in time!!


Talk soon…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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