What I am proud of

This is a good question.  It requires myself to take a long hard look at my life, what has happened so far, and where I am coming from.  That said, there a few things where I can definitely say “I am proud of this” and those are, no questions asked, my three minions!!

Those kids have come a long way, are fantastic, wonderful and smart human beings and seeing them grow up through all the ups and downs is something that amazes me every day.  All three are at least as resilient as I am and each of these kids has their own personality with a bit of mine mixed into it in different ways and to be their mom, to have raised them this good thus far is amazing.  These long nights, the worries, the sick days, the stress here and there was and are totally worth the outcome of the adventure as a parent!!

As for myself, well, there are a few things I would say I am ok with how I handled them and my better half would say “you need to own this!” lol.  I don’t own up to enough of these accomplishments which I probably should cause it’s no easy feat and it’s been a tough road for me to travel throughout these past few years and I still have an uphill battle ahead of me when it comes to some things that are tied with the past but, for all intents and purposes I’ve done well so far.  There you have it, I (somewhat) owned it lol.

What it is I am owning, you ask?  The struggle of life, the most complicated and toughest decision I had to make about 3 to 4 years ago and the most likely biggest life-altering change for me thus far:  The decision to start a new life, to say enough with the DV myself and the kids have experienced and to finally gain enough confidence despite what anybody else said to change the life, the loop, and cage I/we were in!  It’s been a really, really hard thing to do for me and most nights were nights with nightmares, no sleep, and worries.  So many worries.  But now I am here, took the right turn, owning a house, having three most delightful, fun and adventurous kids and someone who has my back 24/7/365 that came into our lives and loving the kids like he loves me or they love him for that matter.  I know that, after all, I had to go what I went through to get to where I am going right now and that, my friends, made everything so much easier thinking back to it.

So yeah, I am proud of what I have accomplished in life, without immediate family, in a country that I didn’t grow up in or have had many friends in when I began that new chapter of mine and I cannot wait to see where else it will take me, this wonderful life of mine!!


Talk soon…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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