In with the New

With what is going on in my life, well the social side of it, these days I am about to revamp more than just this blog.  As you will have noticed when scrolling through my layout has changed a few weeks ago, my color scheme is a bit different, lighter, and overall I am one happy little person blogging along and letting you know more about the inner workings of myself, my life and adventures as well.

With that, I had the urge to start over with my Instagram as well but couldn’t get myself to delete every single picture until the acct was free of everything old and ready for everything new.  So, with that said, Silke just started over and opened a whole new account notifying the friends on the ‘old’ account where you will find me and now it is on to bigger and better things with this as well.

One of my friends asked me why I am doing this, why I am starting over cause she has met me through this old account and for her there are memories that come with scrolling through the ‘good ole days’ pictures.  The answer so far is somewhat simple though: It’s not me anymore.  Or not all of it.
This new one will be more in tune, more relevant, have a ‘scheme’ of some kind, and just more pleasing to the eye (and my OCD self) as well.  That is if it all goes as planned.  It will also link more to the blog you are currently reading and have more of our (mis)adventures and the remodel of the house and home for you all to follow and to live through me as well!

So here is to the new things in life, change is good, change is needed and we continue to learn and blossom through it all.

Talk soon…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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