Recharging in the PNW

“Is it really 2:30am already!?” Was the first thought going through my mind while silencing the alarm and realizing I slept only about 2.5 hours?!
But, today was going to happen!! I just had to get up!! One leg out, the second leg out. Sitting up. Yeah not bad, the brain starts working and I quickly finish up, make myself some coffee, sandwiches, grab keys, wallet, the thermos, my coffee mug and balance everything out the door towards the car.

And I am awake!! Once I am behind the wheel as is well and my senses are working; I am awake. And off I go, destination Cape Disappointment at sunrise when the world is only waking up for peace, quiet and a well-needed road trip.

“Sweet dreams are made of this” as Eurythmics is telling me through the radio and I would have to agree with them. It is not getting any better today, that is sure and I am enjoying it with every breath I take!

☆ Cape Disappointment you did not disappoint!! ☆

Next trip is planned out, with the minions, but as early as ever, and to another beach, before we are going up most wonderful mountains again!


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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