Something I miss

Something I miss is really easy and fast explained!
My grandparents!!
They were the most wonderful, kind people and both were always there for me when I was growing up. Only living a stone’s throw away so to speak me and my brothers were constantly at their house.  Just because or because we wanted to see them or because we had arguments with our parents ( mostly my case when I grew older, teenage years, and budded heads with my mom a lot) and they never judged us, or me in that case!!

For me, my grandparents were the best people in the world and it never changed. Even when I got older and everyone else was not going to hang out with their families I always spend time with them.
Then they got to know my oldest daughter, spend time with her every morning when I had to work/go to school and to this day I am super grateful that both of them were there to help me out with that, next to my parents, or I could have never managed to do and finish work/school w/o them by my side and having my back.

Six and a half years later they got to know the middle minion and, again, spend time with the little ones as much as possible.  But, by this time, I was not living in the small town where I grew up anymore and so it was mostly on the weekends, holidays, birthdays and not as often as I wanted but still often enough so they got some good time in together.  And most importantly, my kids got to know their great-grandparents !!
I am a very family oriented person when I have family living around me, right now I do not as most of you might know by now, but when I am home and especially back then my grandparents NEEDED to be in the lives of their great-grandchildren as much as possible.  It was a need for me and something that both loved very much as well.

Now, these days, I am gone from Germany for almost ten years, my grandpa passed almost nine years ago (in December) and my grandma two years ago (this April) and I am sad to say both never got to meet the youngest minion in person.  It makes me sad thinking about it, that grandma saw and met him only on Skype and my grandpa never even got to know I had another son after the middle minion.  But such is life, right!?

Now I have pictures of these two wonderful people everywhere in my house.  In the bookshelf, on the walls and memorabilia in my kitchen, I picked which was in grandmas kitchen while we were always there, cooking and baking with her, and just little nicknacks that remind me of them and have me be with them, if only in thought…

So yeah, what I miss most is no place or thing or material stuff but what is most near and dear to my heart growing up, but gave me some of my most cherished memories growing up as well !!


Talk soon…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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