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Instagram. Who isn’t on it, right!?  Chances are most of us are with IG and more or less active as well.

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I don’t post as much anymore as I once have I believe but I do post still and here are a few of my favorites I do follow and look at their stories, thinking that, I myself, should get more with the whole story thing but, again, I am not that great of a talker, good with words and/or out and about so it would actually be worth posting more in the ‘live’ or ‘story’ of IG.  Or that is what I think at least.  Leaving out that I, as most people probably as well, don’t like my voice very much when I hear it recorded and the accent lol Yeah, not my favorite when recorded or on video lol

For myself, it would be @silke_smooth81 and you can see what I/we are up to most of the time.

Who I follow:

  • kimberlymcmullen if you are into hiking and seeing new adventures on the daily and maybe even want to get inspired about some new hiking adventures yourself
  • lottalove_usa for all of us Germans that moved to the good ole US of A.  She’s got fun ‘challenges’ and is traveling this country and you get to see new things out of the perspective of a German in the US
  • gal_gadot cause, you know, Wonder Woman
  • charity.grace if you ever wanted to see a Mermaid/Unicorn do the American Ninja Warrior course and other fun things.
  • yonderwashington for amazingly beautiful PNW pictures of hikes, lakes, and such
  • therock of course cause it doesn’t get more inspiring than Dwayne Johnson 😉

and of course, if you want to get to know more about me as there is always the follow button on my IG which you can click and be up close and personal with me as well.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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