There and Back again, Part 1

Rialto Beach, WA and First Beach, LaPush, WA

1:30 am
getting up was so much easier today than it was two days ago and even almost 45 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off for the first time. Adventure is out there
I am getting the hang of these early mornings again, and of the happy jitters that go through me, push me toward getting dressed and coffee so there are new and more things to be seen and explored, alone or with kids.

I am awake. My morning is starting off rather well and the car is now loaded with tons of towels, change of clothes for the boys, sand toys, breakfast basket, coffee… just the essentials one will need when going on an adventure. My adventure spirit is high and I’m excited to share this with my kids and to make memories, one trip at a time!!
Once I am sure that I really have everything, I swiftly scoop up the youngest, stuffed animal, blanket and all and carry him into the car, into his seat and am getting him comfortable for a few more hours of sleep as the middle minion is getting comfy on his half of the backseat as well. ” Just go back to sleep, it’s still night time and I got you while driving!”

Off we go, roads that wind in darkness and being the only car on the road for most of the time while you are driving is something really freeing in my opinion. I love that feeling and am always bathing in this and the sense of being the only one because I know that once I am headed back, there are more cars, crazy people, the sun is up and life is going it’s crazy way as usual. I like being the only person awake and the world seems as if it would belong to only you.

5:30 am
We arrived at Rialto Beach and boy, I did not expect that there were that many cars and people everywhere. Yes, I am aware it is still Summer break over here but boy, this was a lot. I almost turned around because: people.
But happy to report that I did not. I got the kids out of ‘bed’, Gabriel sat there quietly and had conversations with me during the last few minutes while Tyler still slept, got their blankets, the breakfast basket, coffee, sand toys and off we went, staggering over driftwood while the world slowly started to wake up and to happily realize, we did not find any people on the stretch of beach I chose while waking up. It was ours to take and that we did after a bit of a walk and with great views on Little James Island and the ocean rolling in.

We sat on Rialto for almost two hours. Playing, eating breakfast, enjoying the start of the day and the water and quiet morning before we went back to the car and headed out for the second stop on our journey: First Beach, La Push, WA

It was not on the list originally when I planned this whole trip out on Friday but once in the car and on our way up 101, I figured we make a ‘Beach Tour’ out of it all and it was the best decision I could have made. Because, let’s face it, who needs sleep, right!? lol And the kids really loved all the beaches, stops and adventures and things we saw along the way!!

It’s been a blast hanging out at La Push in the morning, Rialto Beach before that and we are now getting ready to get the next leg in for our journey home. Forests and more beaches to come, and if we are looking, the fog which was our constant companion so far, will lift and give way to some mountain views as well.

Talk soon…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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