There and Back again, Part 2

Hoh Rainforest 

Now we were done with our first two stops and I was asking myself the following:
“Do you wanna continue on 101 and go all the way around, seeing what else is there to explore with the kids, or, do I track back so to speak but stop at a few of the wonderful spots I’ve seen driving by!?”

Well, ultimately we did the latter of these options and It’s been a pleasure to do so with the minions in tow.  I know that I have not had Caroline with me due to her health and so we been on a slight time crunch with her having to be out the house for her job at a certain time as well and needing the car for that.  

The drive to this destination was already filled with other cars on the road and people coming out of their houses to go to work and about their day while we were thankfully able to enjoy this day in more of a slow-motion kind of way.  And I am once more thankful that I am able to do this with and mostly for my children. 

Off we go to the next stop:
Hoh Rainforest and enjoying the sunshine that just came through all the fog and smoke, it is about 8 am by now and the kids are full of energy. So a nice little break at a fantastic location where these two can just run and jump and let that energy used up good.  

We stopped at Peak 6 to look around, look at the Hoh River, the amazing trees and lucky for the boys there were no people except us and tons of room to roam and run.  Also, cows. Cows in a pasture that were not impressed by the visitors at all but the boys loved the cows. The pasture was set in front of a wonderful mountain backdrop that, in the time we were there, decided to come out from behind the fog and allow us to just marvel at the sights and the sunshine that warmed us up a bit as well.  The boys were playing, running and I just enjoyed watching them and was checking on what else to do after their energy was quite used up.

Napping in cars while mom was driving as imminent lol Both were sleepy and tired and took a well-deserved nap while we were driving toward Ruby Beach, our last beach destination of the day, which made for a great end to a fantastic and hopefully memorable journey.  If nothing else, I hope that I created a memorable childhood for these minions that one day will be looked back upon with love, fond memories and the insight that mom gave these kids some very fun and amazing views of the world around them and which, hopefully, they will, in turn, give to their kids if they should have some one day.

See you next time when you discover Ruby Beach with me!

Talk soon…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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