There and Back again, Part 3

It is something magical when you feel at home at some places you’ve never been before simply because they have you feeling calm, inspired and fully at peace with yourself.

For me, this is the case with Nature.  It’s either mountains or the beach.  There is no either or for me.  It is both.  When we arrived at Ruby Beach, WA, this feeling was imminent and just the view down onto the beach while we were at this little ‘platform’ looking down, through trees, only seeing low tide, beach, tide pods and fog covering the upper half of that picture.  It is peaceful.  Despite the number of people that were out and about, it is peaceful.


Walking along the sandy beach, looking at the waves which were really far out, all these people walking and marveling about this wonderful piece of nature, some with cameras in their hands, doing what I am doing with only my phone, some with their drawing easel out and ready to make this landscape theirs forever, it never felt like too many people for me, or too much going on.

The boys had such a blast to look at the tide pods, play in the sand, explore the beach on low tide, try to walk out all the way to where the water touches your toes (was too far though and I let the little one go about 3/4 of the way before I called him back on account of it getting too wet, although not deep but still too wet with socks on his feet.) and find the best sticks, highest rock to climb on and just run around.


Ruby Beach was, in every way, the perfect way to end an adventure trip like the one we embarked on at two in the morning, on a Saturday with a basket packed full with breakfast, snacks, drinks, towels, change of clothes, blankets, stuffed animals, and music to have the time of their life.  To unplug from the busy world and way we are living and show the minions about the wonder of nature and the fantastic world we live in when we only manage to open our eyes and mind and let it all sink in!!

Next road trip, alone or with minions, imminent and in the planning stages already! If you should follow me on any of my social media you’ll definitely hear about it first hand and if not, you’ll read about it when I am back home!

Talk soon…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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