Reflection Lake morning

230 am is an amazing time to wake up.  Especially when you went to bed early enough so you definitely caught enough sleep, with no interruptions, and you are good to go.  You stumble into the bathroom, wash up, look into the mirror and tell yourself you are ready.  Ready to tackle the morning, but first move along into the kitchen to turn on your coffee maker while you are getting dressed.


“Thank god I put everything out last night, wouldn’t want to look through the closet first to find all my things!” is definitely a thought that comes to mind and by the time I am dressed my coffee is ready as well.  Quick, let’s make another to take on the road, to sip while we are sitting at a (hopefully) quiet lake to enjoy the early morning hours after a bit of a hike.  Or so I thought…


Well, you all know my thoughts about nighttime driving by now and it is never disappointing me in any way.  Quiet roads, cars only parked near motels or hotels and I am alone.  Only able to look as far as the lights of the car let me and it is good that way.  This is how an adventure should start.  Then I am having thoughts if I will ever get to see another sunrise were I won’t have to climb all the way up, above the clouds to the top of a mountain or if that time is done for this year with the smoke still there from all these wildfires and the fog only getting ready to make it’s way out at this time of the day.  I am not sure but I take what I can get and if it is only a really nice view, and a small hike in an area that is still quiet before all these tourists coming along.

So I made my way up, bypassing all viewpoints, Christine Falls, Narada Falls, Comet Falls (not in that order) and parked.  Two cars already there, people sleeping and everything dark.  The drive took me not quite as long as I thought so I went through my pack again, made sure I had everything, my bottles are closed up tight so they don’t leak, the phone is charged and off I go.


Down those few steps, and toward my left, along the wonderland trail for a while.  Now that is a trail I would like to tackle at some point in its entirety with the better half and a good amount of preparation!!  Onto the list of things to do with that one and I keep on walking on.  Reflection Lake is right there, in your face as soon as you park and I had a great view onto it when I made my way back, the fog just starting to lift off it and the top of the mountains surrounding it still hidden behind the clouds.  Not giving way of a fantastic view just yet, that will happen only later in the day.

And as I was sitting there, a thermos of coffee in my hand, enjoying the serenity and quiet view of the lake, just throwing all kinds of thoughts, things, ideas around in my head, all of a sudden, this place got all kinds of busy and loud and people over people, cars over cars, parking one after the other which prompted me to get out of there rather sooner than later.  But not without stopping at some of the viewpoints I passed up on the way there and to capture at least a few ok shots of a rather foggy morning adventure on the mountain of my choice; and with at least 20-30 cars coming toward me, up the mountain at 7am, thinking to myself that I will be back at evening time at some point this year, with the minions and to enjoy a nice sunset and day out with everyone I love.  Those are, after all, the best days I can have in this life!!  Who knows where this road will lead us before and after we get to do this, it’s definitely worth to travel!!

Talk soon…


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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