School Countdown Has Begun

Over these past few weeks we have been starting to accumulate everything needed for the minions start into 6th and 1st grade and let me tell you, it’s been something!

Most the time I indeed feel chipper and rather excited that both will be going back to school and starting a rather scheduled day again.  Both grumbled a few times throughout this process that they are not that delighted to make their way back to school.  For the 6th grader it’s a whole new school with Middle School start and he is mostly nervous about the impact it will have on him, making new friends and a complete new experience over all.  The youngest argued that he surely would miss his Kindergarten teacher whom was an amazing teacher and liked him a lot and would like to just go back to Kindergarten.

Throughout this Summer break one thing becomes clear though:
Both need that schedule again and I believe that deep down inside of them, they are looking forward to the new school year and friends.

As for the shopping, I feel like I was going broke, bought a whole library and what not while I was at it.  So many things.  Both the kids list where kinda lengthy,  yet 1st grades still get everything on it including baby wipes and a ton of everything.  I mean, I get what and why teachers do that (have you seen their salary lately??  They really cannot afford class room stuff from what they are provided and their classrooms would be rather bare if teachers wouldn’t pay for most of it out of their own pockets!!)  Shockingly I am not feeling it when it comes to the whole we have to pack it all into the minions backpacks, sort through this rather large pile of school supplies which is currently starting at me in tantalizing fashion and taunting me to get a move on.  ” I really don’t want to do this!” I think to myself, especially since we are in a hurry to get to this appointment for my oldest minion so her Green Card mess is finally getting cleared up.

Prior to school start on September 5th this all will have to be done though.  However, not today.  I will be working up my courage to tackle this essential task by the middle of this week  so we are hopefully done with it by the time Open House for both rolls around.  Time crunch accomplished lol  It’s going to be Wednesday and Thursday .. Deadline work and procrastination at its finest stage right there.

I will let you know how this whole thing went down, if the supplies laughed in my face, or if, per rare chance, I will actually get it done maybe even tonight when we are back home from the appointments that will definitely consume most of our day today!!


Talk soon…..

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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