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As I mentioned yesterday, the feeling of the never ending summer break, of children being bored 24 hours a day cause, and I quote, “there is nothing to do”, is now almost over, and I even believe there is actually such a thing called school and while the East Coast already started a day or two ago, the West Coast (us) still has a few more days to spare, to enjoy this slowly ending summer.

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Eight days from now my  minions will be on the bus to school.  Eight days from now the house will be quiet for about 6 to 7 hours every day. And, eight days from today, will also be the first time in all my years as a mom to the minions, that I will not be able to drive these kids to school on their first day.  Kind of depressing for me, to be honest but, life is life …nanananana.. You still know this song? Quite some wonderful and fun filled memories to my younger and teenage years back home in Germany, concerts, parties… But I digress…

Caroline and I are rather booked up pretty bad with appointments this week and the next, started with yesterdays, and sadly the one in Seattle got booked right on the first day of school.  Was I happy about this? NO! Especially cause they didn’t even ask for availability but rather told us “ well, it’s always busy here so I just got you in for this and this day at this and this time!”.  I mean, never mind we are all the way down here, the morning drive to Seattle usually sucks at this time of day and we really have to leave as soon as the last minion is on his bus to school.

This is another new thing we starting this year: different buses to school!  I was fortunate enough to have had these two on the same bus for ones last year and ones first year of that specific school building so the younger one got used to the bus routine.  And now he is off to himself on the bus and at times my mommy heart rather aches for how big the youngest has gotten and that the ‘baby years’ are definitely over with him.

The middle one in Middle School starting even earlier in the day than the younger will also be an experience on its own for the early waking up will be in no one’s favor from what I am guessing these past days.

But, we are working on early bedtimes already, and the rest will fall into place rather naturally and with some discipline from all of us and working together we can get it all done.  

So yeah, eight days from now, life is working differently again, new schedules, new things, new times and plans for everyone involved and I welcome it with excitement rather than seeing it a threat.  Looking at it as another challenge for our lives together, for our lives while there is still minions going to school. Because, let’s face it, while they are still going to school, they are still young, they are still with me and they are still close to me,keeping me and my life on my toes.  I wouldn’t be ready to be an empty nester just yet. And that would be the case if it would have just been the oldest and me.

Lets welcome and embrace the chaos that will follow these next few years on our way to have these mini me’s graduate, go off to college, or Germany, or to see the world or whatever it is they would like to do and get out of their lives!!  I’ll be there along the way and with adventures for all of us I planned on my own to make the life in between school definitely more interesting!!

Talk soon….

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