The Preparations

Two hours.  Two hours is what it took us to walk through Middle School, to meet all the teachers, to get a hang of that locker combination and how to open that thing.  Two hours long we walked in circles in that school, memorizing the daily route the middle one will have to take every day and making him walk it over and over again until he had it somewhat memorized.  We, no, correction, I paid for the PE uniform, we checked out the new band teacher (we are very happy he will have band again this year) and he seems like a pretty cool guy to be around and his Social teacher is pretty engaged and knows what he’s doing as well.  It’s definitely got a High School vibe and the middle minion is both, excited and nervous about his first day next week.

close up photography of backpack on tree
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Two hours and we were so hungry at the end…  I never had those days growing up.  We, in Germany, didn’t have open house days before every school year or at least not that I remember.  Yes, we went to school with our parents before it officially started to get our name on the list of new kids and to say “hello, starting school now”  but it was not like it is these days.  We got our supply list on the first day of school.  We met our teacher on the first day of school.  There was almost a little ceremony before we went to the classroom and we were ready with our huge backpacks, and our “Schultueten” -school cones- that were filled to the brim with candy, small school supplies, small toys, and after school we were allowed to open them up (they tied together on top and came in all kinds of patterns, colors, and motives) and see what all was inside.  That I think is the biggest memory and, in my case, having my long, brown hair tied back, wearing my cute little outfit, red flats, my cute glasses, and posing next to a chalkboard in our driveway with the cone and my backpack, and the board read “the first day of school”.  The pictures are with my mom at home in an album but I think I have one floating around over here somewhere as well.

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My oldest had a school cone matching with her backpack as well back in Germany when she started first grade, and I made one myself for my middle minion when he started first grade as well while we were already in the US.  And now it’s time that I get crafty next week and make one for the youngest minion.  My last time sending my children off to first grade.  My last time crafting one of the cones until maybe one day I have grandkids.  So this is a bittersweet moment for me.  But so many good memories and knowing that my kids will do just fine in school, make new friends, meet new people, learn life lessons as well and get a bit more independent each day is a really good feeling!

Now let’s go and find goodies to fill a cone with!!

Talk soon….



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