Water day with a baby bear

It’s a quiet morning. A late morning. I don’t really want to get up and get my day going but I have to. After a few minutes of just laying around, thinking about this day, I get this burst. Energy out of nowhere. Getting up, making coffee, getting my day going with some laundry I have to do if I want to get out of the house in time for the most important date in my life. Well, most important next to only a few other dates which I can count on one dang hand if you want me to. But, that is not what it is about. This day is Zissou-day!!


At around 9:45 am I am finally on the road. “Great I gotta get gas still, too!” I think as I drive my butt out of my driveway and down the road toward the gas station. “It’s a quick stop and then I am off. I need some quiet beach time before there are too many people.”

And I make it. 10:30 am and I pull into the parking lot with a ton of people already on the beach. Everywhere. People as far as the eye can see and no quiet place. Or so I thought. Sometimes you just gotta walk a bit and be optimistic. Beach, water, waves, quiet and enough time to settle my busy, busy mind. The mind which is racing with thoughts about Zissou, the time we had with him, our little adventures, our ‘two-week custody agreement’ as I call it and all the other fun things we did. Every two weeks my baby bear spend the weekend at my house and all these thoughts I been writing down, putting it in words for the better half and to help him in times of need as well. Happy memories all around and memories we will always cherish!

So, today one more beach and swim day before we will send him off to another life, another world, a life without pain and where he gets to chase his sticks in water and on land to his heart’s content!! And once we will depart from this rock we are on, I know he will be sitting there, on the other side, waiting for each and every one of us to come through, to be with him again!!

After an amazing hour of swimming and so many friends coming by to say goodbye, be it at the house before he departed for the swim or at the beach, my heart was touched beyond anything more I thought I could feel. I am once more so grateful that this baby bear of mine has had so many amazing, loving and wonderful people in his life that made it what it was:
Amazing beyond anything we could ever wish for!!!


Then all I remember are tears. The drive home was tear-filled. I could see the road and everyone on it but all I could think of was “I love you Zissou!!” and his wonderful, loving, trusting brown eyes meeting mine when I said goodbye for the, now definite, last time in this, our lifetime! I couldn’t stop either and was just glad that I was holding it together pretty well on the beach to be there for whoever needed it at that moment. But alone is when it sets in everything. Every pain, every heartache, every heartbreak I got from seeing this wonderful majestic dog in pain and getting older by the day. So, the mind knows this is the best we all could do for him, sendoff and all, and the heart will eventually catch up but always, no matter how old I am getting, cherish every memory we had with this gentle giant of ours!!

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remans unawakened!!

-Anatole France

Goodbye my love, my Zissou, until we see each other again in the next life!!

talk soon…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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