Gears are shifting

It is time for a recharge.  To gain perspective.  We have been cooped up in our feelings and alone for too long.  Talking over the phone is only helping so much.  Thinking about doing something as well.  So, after I got the urge for a natural healing this afternoon, I am packing up.  “I need to get away, outside, and breathe!” is a thought that is getting fulfilled tomorrow for sure.  Thankfully with the better half and our Finn by our side or it would be a bit counterintuitive for me, I wouldn’t get better as much as I need to without these two by my side.

Away.  Recharge.  Heal.  Get to know each other more and better during these times of loss and sadness as well.  Talk.  Bond again and bond more through sickness and health, happy and sad, as they say.  You grow together through what you go through together…

4 am is wakeup call.  Kiddo needs to go to school and man,  it’s too dang early!!  How do they expect a kid to get up at 5 am, to be at the bus stop at 6 am and at school by 7 am !? And be ready to learn all day?  While I am sitting here,  struggle to wake up, get going, I realize that if we shouldn’t make it out into nature today for a hike, my brain made already peace with that circumstance in advance and I am very grateful for it.  I am learning, evolving, as well because this peace of mind when something I was looking forward to doesn’t happen was and usually is not the case.

So, stay tuned and we will see if we will make it to get an adventure in today or not.

Talk soon…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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