To throw in the towel or not…

Isn’t that a question everyone asked themselves in all kind of situations, life challenges and basically everything else!?

For me, this is a question I need to answer when it comes to my diet, and where I want to be with it.

These past weeks I haven’t been really good with food,eating, working out, and just taking care of my body and soul. The no workout weeks made me grumpy and impatient and the eating habits where all effed up to be honest. I cheated myself out of quite some success by basically having to start all over again. By having to realign my kitchen and cooking habits again and to actually eat.

Yeah, I haven’t been eating enough, completely running on a deficit and therefore not losing weight at all but rather getting more bloated and back to where I was a year ago. The only constant was and still is the kickboxing every Sunday and Tuesday. Helped keep me a bit in shape at least…

So, for today I have decided to sit down, track my food again, my fats and carbs and to figure out what I really, really, want to achieve first before I get into the, let’s call it, second stage of my lifes journey.

I currently have the kids eat all the ‘bad stuff’ in the house which I know I can’t resist touching and the other things they like but I can resist, will stay for them for next weeks school lunches.

Anyone else got this constant ‘start from the beginning problem’ just because something throws you off and then of half way say f**k it !? Yeah, figured I am not completely alone !

So, here is to a new journey, more meal planning, healthier meals and a ton of fun in the gym and kicking ass

Talk soon…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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