The mummy movie

Watching The Mummy, Tom Cruise not Brandon Fraser, with the better half cause if I don’t like it, it shall be on my own accord and not from what I heard about it. Lol

Anyways, so far, about 15min in probably, it’s really not that great. The leading lady is soso, her acting really could be better, and well, Tom was never my favorite.

Story line is, well… I’m not sure yet. During war times in Iraq and it’s the ole pharaohs daughter turned bad, pact with Set (god of death) but got caught before she could complete the ritual and got mummified alive kinda deal.

Correction: Mesopotamia, Iraq.

Is it new? Most certainly not.

Where the other three Mummy movies better? So far yes.

Ok, this whole crow attack in the sky and what not, yeah you somewhat lost me already. Let’s hope some comedy is still in there somewhere.

And then you lost me. The action scenes were tiring, nothing really gripping happened and, in my book, this had nothing to do with the mummy movies.

If you would have named it ‘London is the new Egypt’ or something like that, as I told the bedt half, it might have been good to watch but, tieing it in with the mummy movies through its name is just wrong.

Too much that was expected from this, 80% because of the name and preview, but it didn’t live up to it at all.

So, if you need background noise, its good. Otherwise stick to the first, real mummy movies lol

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