We might have been to Fairyville

The drive was relaxing. The forecast promised that the rain would hold out until about five in the afternoon and so I was in high hopes that we might even see some sunshine on our little adventure that should take place only a few minutes from now.

Before I got picked up there was excitement in the air, excited to get out into nature, on a new, little adventure so close to home yet seemingly almost in another world.

A world where the fiery red of the Autumn colors starts to take over the lush green of the warmer Summer months and when the hiking gets more fun and I embrace it with a new appreciation of life and Mother Nature.

Fin the Adventure Dog, our new hiking companion, stood by, ready to go and it promised to be truly an amazing morning for all of us.

The walk inward toward Mima Falls was a walk spend with no one else on the trail. Meeting a little fuzzy caterpillar, the trees and bushes around us slowly getting ready to change and expose their most glorious and striking new colors, most of them shining in a marvelous, firey red when hit by the beams of the sun breaking through the clouds every so often.

Then, out of nowhere once, we passed a junction of trails, we stepped into a magical new land it seemed. A world where fairies could be at home, peaking at passers-by from high up out of their homes in the trees.

We walked through this passage with awe as we entered what seemed like a chapel, high ceilings, and walls made out of stained glass, top to bottom when the sun hit the branches of those trees just right and let it all glow in the most fantastic and marvelous, green light you could only imagine.

Bridges leading us out of the enchantment onto our path toward a waterfall that is a sight in its own right. The rain of days past helped the Fall to be more than only a trickle and the water rushing down the rocks was a peaceful sight with a feeling of calm I got when just sitting there after we descended down after our Adventure Dog toward the little pond it had build.

It was a magical world. Those are compelling sights that invite you to daydream and imagine a world of fairies, water fairies, a whole village up high, bedded into the rocks, nooks, and crannies by the waterfall but also up in those trees that surround the are and hide this little Fall rather perfectly. The only thing you hear when approaching this little well hidden, behind trees and bushes, the land of wonders is the sound the water makes, falling over the rocks and into the pond.

After we just enjoyed the Fall, played with Adventure dog and took in the sights we climbed up the hills and took a few minutes to rest, replenish our tanks and let Fin rest for a while as well (which didn’t completely go as planned since he was rather excited, looking and sniffing around, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells that place had to offer) before we embraced the walk out of this magic that surrounds us.

For me, it is this time of year, the change of Season, the transition into breathtaking Autumn colors all around me, which makes these out and back hikes a marvelous thing. This is where these smaller hikes, easy to do with your kids or dogs, get interesting and I feel rather thankful to be in this world, to be able to see these things and get to experience it with an open heart and mind whenever I take a journey into another world. For life is what you make of it and I choose to spend it in Fairyville.

Talk soon…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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