Canning Season in full swing

It’s been a long day yesterday which started at four thirty in the morning and was followed by tossing and turning for almost two hours because I refused to get up just yet; after all, it was Sunday and for once I did not want to be up at the crack of dawn!!

But when six, almost six-thirty, rolled around I just gave up.  The minions were about to wake up, I needed to get ready for the gym at some point and make breakfast for the kids before that and so it just seemed logical that I wasted enough time laying in bed without shutting my eyes again.

Now fast forward to about noon and I am already standing in my kitchen, prepping the grapes Auntie brought over for me to be made into some more juice, playing with the idea of turning some of that into jelly, and getting everything set up and ready so it all just goes smoothly without, or with only, a few hiccups.


Overall I got eight or nine more crates of grapes and yesterdays work involved three of those crates plus 30 jars and about five hours of time.  In the left picture, you see the grapes in the big juicer, being patient is the goal here because it will take a while, and in the right one you see the juice dripping into my lovely bowl set up and then being filled into the jars.  It’s a bit sticky, a bit drippy, but lots of fun for sure.


Once I only had about three bowls of prepared grapes left to go, you couldn’t even tell anymore that I was actually working hard in that kitchen of mine and next to the floor that is still a bit sticky, there is not a lot of signs that it’s been quite a crazy afternoon.

Now it’s time for doing the same thing again with the last crates of grapes and then I will go on to get these apples, or the last of the apples that are still on the tree since Auntie took the ones I had already picked for them, with her, to the other side of the mountain to be made into wonderful applesauce there.  I am thinking I will make a few more jars of applesauce, then a few other things and bake some into some most delicious German apple cake as well.

As with every year, this kitchen will be open for business in overdrive from September till December with all the Holidays and fun things that will come up from here on out. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. Except maybe get a massage thrown in there every so often after a long day of canning and being bend over on the sink when prepping the fruit; my back would be thankful for it.

Talk soon…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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