Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes, it is quite hectic.  I sit here, in front of my laptop, coffee or tea in hand.  Tea for when I am out of creamer cause I knew that I would be out but I am too tired or worn out from the day before to get back into my car at 7 pm to go to the store and buy some more.  Yes, I know that I will not have coffee in the morning, or at least that there is an 80% chance that I will not have coffee in the morning, but then I think that as long as I got something hot …and that, these days, is Elderberry syrup; homemade and fighting off the colds and ailments of the colder months.
But I digress…

So, I sit here, after I woke up minion nr 2 to get ready for school. Today is Wednesday which means we are getting to sleep in an hour later and get to stand out in the cold an hour later as well which makes it a bit more bearable because it won’t be as dark at 7 am than it would be at 6 am.  It really gets somehwat depressing standing out there day after day in the cold and darkness to wait for the school bus and on more than one occasion I asked myself why these people have those poor Middle and High School students start so darn early.

accurate alarm alarm clock analogue
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While I am trying to come up with something good to write, draft, rewrite and then ultimately post eventually, the house is waking up slowly. I am getting my second cup by now.  Minion nr 2 gets ready to wake up and prep his school stuff. In between words I get up, help him, find my shoes, my sweatshirt (it’s darn cold out at this time of day I tell ya!!), sit back down just to get up again after a few minutes cause I either forgot something or it’s almost time to leave and I still need to find my glasses.  You never know, it’s always a bit of chaos.

Chaos mixed with a bit of laughter, not too much though cause we are still a little tired, and some well wishes for school plus the usual questions on what’s for lunch and the I love you and have a wonderful day at school both minions get to hear every morning before crossing the street to get into that bus.



And somewhere, somewhere in between getting nr 2 on to that bus and waking up nr 3 and getting him ready I usually manage to write a post about an adventure that we had, an idea that struck, the life of this crazy mom in general or just some little thoughts that came to mind.  And if I don’t post right away, I know that it’ll be good content down the road, schedule it for posting, eventually come back for editing and hope for the best in between it all.

Talk soon… (as I am heading off for that second cup and looking for my sweater and glasses)


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