Brain fog

I sat here, in front of the laptop many times. Sat, sat, fingers hovering over the keyboard, nothing came to mind, or too much came to mind and no idea where to start. Thoughts doubling over, ideas in mind yet nothing seems good enough “to write home about”.

Been going to the vineyard as usual and enjoying the time there. It’s a good reset for and from life.

Hiking was and is back in my life more frequently and the weather, sights, and quiet moments have done me good. Nature is my favorite after all.

We are also getting ready for halloween, costumes are all picked, bought, tried on, fixed, made better, and makeup trial run (in my case) is a success, too. I’d say we are ready!

And although little things happen day in, day out, fingers won’t really hit the keys and bring thoughts eloquently ‘to paper’ to make for a better read and sorting through thoughts.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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