Good day, well night, I guess really.

Went to bed after a busy day w headache, grumpy and annoyed at the world. Woke up 1145pm no headache but not rested either and yet, little G using 3/4 of the bed don’t help the grumpy. So after tossing and turning I am up now, cleaned kitchen, dining area, folded laundry, put laundry into machine, cleaned floors, made apple cider …and am now on my couch.

B just went to bed after he’s been busy with the bike, gaming (or rather watching today) and the rain still sounds as nice as it did when we drove home from the movies. It’s been warm, in the high 50s, foggy and since yesterday the rain settles in I believe. I like it though. It does make for cozy days in the house on the couch. But not tomorrow. Tomorrow is another busy day with a Halloween party for the minions. And before that because it’s Sunday and I missed almost 2 weeks, its gym and kickboxing for me.

I been ‘lazy’ when it comes to that these days. Well, not ‘lazy’ (I somehow call everything lazy when I am not doing something) but just too much going on and just not in the mindset.

Life has been throwing a few pretty big curveballs my way, once more and as it liked to do all year, and I am just to busy juggling, staying afloat, providing just the normal things in life that, when it’s evening or a minute with no kids, I fall into bed, mentally exhausted and grumpy or with headaches and not in the slightest able to go to the gym. So, tomorrow I am trying to get out of the funk as I’ve done successfully a few times and bring back my old, healthy, trained, gym ready self.

Sleep now? Maybe. Maybe not. First apple cider and a bit more chores to wake up to a clean and wonderful smelling house should I get back to sleep…

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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