Is today the day?

October 28th, 2018. That was the last time I was sitting here, writing, thinking, and publishing those thoughts.

And this is what I have been doing since:

*Walks to Laptop, sits down, turns it on* waiting for it to load just to turn it off again cause I can’t think of anything ‘important’ or just in general anything to say at all.
*Sits on the couch or does chores around the house with fleeting thoughts of blogging, and the urge to write for a second* I stop what I am doing, thinking about to sit down but at the end, I am not.
*Halloween comes and goes* and while we did have fun dressing up, playing, eating candy, roaming the streets, it was good to just spend this time with the family and max posting it on IG rather than sitting down and trying to put it all together and into big words.

*the days go by one by one* and I been Christmas prepping like a boss. Made Jellies, Apple butter, currently working on trying out a coffee liquor and will let you know how it turned out by the end of this day because this years Christmas presents for the grown-ups in my life will be amazing homemade stuff.  I finished all the Soaps yesterday and packed them nice and neat this morning while I couldn’t sleep. Yeah, I am up since about 230 am or something like that, on coffee number 863 and frantically tracking the package with the planner stickers I ordered since half of them are for my oldest minion for her birthday. Sigh. Life.

Now seeing that I am sick as a dog and been looking at this screen for 15+ minutes I decided I just start to write again and we will see where it gets me.  Shopping list for the last delicious groceries completed (I seem to be running out of things like sugar and whipped cream etc at an extraordinary rate since I been canning and doing all things delicious) I have to wait for my car ( and kid) to be back form her job so she can go get groceries for me. Yes, I am still trying to take it slow today… It’s a pain, I know.

The meds seem to work though and so I am trying to get as much done around this house like I possibly can before I fall on the couch, not ready to move another muscle haha

Have a fantastic Sunday, and thank a Veteran in your life. Not just today, but every day for the freedom you have. Be thankful, folks!!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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