Thanksgiving count down

  1. Tomorrow is the day. And if it all would have gone according to plan, and the sick wouldn’t have picked to attach itself to me since the weekend before my birthday, we all would be sitting in the car on our way over the mountain to the Vineyard to spend this Holiday and to give thanks with and for our second family. ♥

But instead we are here, I am on a steady medication, Theraflu and tissue kick, on my couch in comfy and blanket, indulging in tea and movies 24/7 until this sickness decides to leave my body. I already got the better half sick, no one else needs to get this, that is for sure!!

So, I went got some food for tomorrow and been prepping the pies over the day Portion of yesterday and tomorrow morning I will start prepping the Turkey and side dishes so we can enjoy a small meal; myself, the kids, our couch, movies, blankets and best of all: pajamas all day !! ♥

Well, and one can’t forget the hot chocolate of course !!

I am, stuffed nose or not, looking forward to tomorrow and to just enjoy a more or less quiet day.

No stress is the secret to success 😉

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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