‘Tis the Season

…and it passes rather quickly I’d say. It feels like it was only yesterday that I had to cancel my original Thanksgiving plans, grab a Turkey and all things feast, and whipped up a Thanksgiving meal together with my minions who helped cooking since 630 am.

The house smelled more and more delicious with every hour that passed and I had a talk with my mom on Skype which was one of our longer ones, 3+ hrs, where she got to spend time and watch the boys cook, me prep the food and we remembered all these days when I was growing up.

Mom mostly worked nights from when I was about 8 till I was in my teens so everything had to go kinda quick when she was in the kitchen or cooked and on Holidays (or well, any other day as well) my dad did the cooking so we were barely in the kitchen.

That is when my beloved grandma came in and some of the best, most cherished and wonderful memories I have of her, and my grandpa as well. They would take us and make all these cookies with us for Christmas, always have arts and crafts around. St. Nikolaus was great waking up at her house, too.

Memories I will always cherish and which made our childhood so special!

Here, in this ‘new country’ it’s me and the kids. I still call it new country cause especially around holidays it still feels kinda new sometimes. So I always make an extra effort to bring in my memories and special childhood days into the kids’ life.

The tree is up since the day after Thanksgiving; after all people who put up Christmas decorations earlier are happier (its scientifically proven, I read it in an article) and I can attest to it as well. It makes a home extra ‘homey’.

And next to having appointments throughout this month in form of band and choir concerts in both schools the minions attend, I have lots of fun winter things planned: Ice skating, ornament making, cookies baking, tree decorating, feast cooking, lights watching and so on.

Ornaments are already checked off the list and next up will be the cookies and I will whip up some eggnog and liquors for the finishing touches on the grown-up Christmas presents.

I’ll be filling you in on that one in the next blog and also on my insta page. If you haven’t checked that out yet, you should, it’s fun.

Talk soon and give love ♡

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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