Open Season

and boy, when they say open season, they mean open season. haha. 

Since a few weeks now I am trying to enroll into my  new Tricare health plan. Lucky me is now at the point in her life where the usual Tricare (hello, Military!) does not cover my doc visits anymore; 3 years have past since the suicide of my husband and with that my status now is as a retiree in the system and so I need new health insurance. Well, not new one but one that is better tailored to me and my health needs. 
The kids are lucky enough and I do not need to perform any changes for their insurance until they are 21. Lucky me, at least one upside to this whole spectacle that's Open Season in health insurance. 
Now here I am, on my phone these past weeks and every time, after spending minutes and hours on hold, I get the same answer: "I am sorry but the system is down today, again, and I am not quite sure yet, when we will be online again for the enrollment!" 
I mean, are you kidding me??
There is only so much time to enroll into a new programm, you make me do it or I have no health insurance at all, and then you can't even get the system working?! Sometimes I really wonder.

Today she at least le me know that I should just call back later on or by latest midnight Eastern Time since they work that long during this hectic time apparently.

It is so frustrating when you try to get things done, try to adult and take care of your life, your errands, your chores and what ever else it is that grown up people have to take care off so themselves and their offspring can and will survive and yet, there is ( at least in my case ) always one or two boulders thrown in the way. I am speaking of boulders becuase it ain't stones anymore. Sadly I am way past the stone in my way stage and have moved on to boulders throughout this whole year of 2018.

Will 2019 get better? I am not sure yet I know it cannot be any thougher than 2018 was. Also, I am pretty sure I just jinxed it with saying out loud what I was thinking these past weeks haha. I will keep you all updated on that 2019 flow.

Talk soon...

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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