Christmas preparations

December is one of the busiest month in my year. Starting by mid November actually and not ending with the busy bee method until we are almost into the New Year.  Christmas is one of my most favorite Seasons and the Holidays are always fun here. 

The tree is decorated, all the presents are wrapped and placed under either my tree here at home or the tree in the better half’s house for him and his family. Yeah, I need to get a bit sneaky but it is so worth it!! 

I already been baking cookies with the minions and this coming weekend we will be decorating those cookies, we will be eating some while decorating and I will have to make a few more still but I am loving this!! I got some Nussecken waiting to be baked into shape and then some of the ones I have been slaving over already are in line for decorating so I can put them into the gift baskets a few selected people are getting in my circle of friends.  I like to spread the Christmas cheer and am selecting new friends every year. This year it will be two people that were some amazing help throughout the year of 2018 and deserve some extra Christmas cheer along the way to Christmas Eve. 

Eggnog and liquor will be in the making next week as well and in between all this we been seeing Santa, including pictures to proof it, last week; had my middle minions Winter Concert at school, will be going to the youngest ones Christmas Choir performance tomorrow and have all kinds of other fun outings planned.  Watched Christmas lights, have tickets for ice skating waiting for the Winter break and then, as the biggest highlight, we have our extended family, our second, adopted family, over for Christmas at our humble abode this year.  Everyone will be here and this house will be filled to the brim with people and Christmas cheer and everyone hanging out, watching movies, cooking, and just enjoying time with the family away from the family at home, 8+k across the ocean!  

It’s always a tough time for me but this year will be a sweeter tough time with everyone here and everything buzzing with joy! 

What are your plans for Christmas? For the days before Christmas? You got any traditions you are carrying on from when you were young? Any new traditions you are bringing into the family? 

I would like to know if you want to share them!! 

Talk soon and have a very merry Christmas!! 

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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