The baking continues

I have given me an almost two-week break from baking my Christmas goodies after the kids and I did the first three boxes of cookies and it was needed as far as the break goes. I am not in the spirit. Not as merry as I usually am. Not in the mindset for baking.

And yet, it needs to be done.

Icing needs to be made so we can frost and decorate the cookies, the cake things need to be organized (it’s going to be a wintertime cake for Christmas dessert) but thankfully I just need to buy what’s needed for baking and decorating itself and what I ran out of during the crazy baking season.

And once it’s all said and done I am hoping I will be back in my Christmas spirit once more so this mama can finish decorating and cleaning up, not in that order cause to clean up needs to happen first, the last corners of this house and home w Christmas cheer and wreaths of holly… It will be as magical as always once I am done.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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