Two more weeks in 2018

Imagine this:
your car is giving you some problems since the end of last week. You wait to see what is going on over the weekend, get your brains in gear and figure out what it actually could be instead of going into FULL panic mode right away. Figured the problem to 80% and bring the car into the shop the next Monday, bright and early, just to be told that they are fully booked and Wednesday is the day to bring it back.

Of course, you don’t drive that car, you sit at home, you think it’ll be fine on Wednesday and you know for sure what is wrong, how long it will take to fix and how much it will cost once you have the money together for the repairs. With that one hour window they gave you, you will also have enough time to run the errands you REALLY need to run so you can survive, live your life AND be at the STEM project afternoon at your youngest school in no time to get it all time, help out the teacher and make your kids’ day once more.

And all that hoping, wishing, planning and wishful thinking is for basically nothing because once you bring your car to the shop, they tell you it might be half a day at least until they are able to look at your car and tell you what is going on with it and to throw you a bone in terms of letting you know what you don’t have the money for to get fixed now.  So, there you are, sitting in that chair, in that shop and already cursing that day. Mostly because you booked that day on the basis of them saying it would be done in an hour and you think you could get everything else done. Especially with so many things to do for Christmas chores, school events for the kids etc.

Then they drive you home, tell you they’d call once they finished (and mostly started first) looking at it and would be picking you up to bring you back to the shop where they hold your car hostage (haha) and talk with you what’s wrong.
And all that just for you to tell them “Thank you, but I cannot afford this right now next to the fact that I have kids and do NEED that car especially with all these Holiday things coming up”  And then you probably go ahead telling them that you drive the car as little as possible (which is true cause you really can’t afford a new engine at all!!) and bring the car in as soon as it is possible with money and all.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is my day today. Currently sitting at home, waiting on that phone call, let the teacher know per email that I might not make it (which is really really stressing this mom out like nobodies business, to be honest!) and sat on the phone to get a few things done that needed to be cleared up, done and just not put up any longer.
Making lists, trying to figure out the money situation, paying bills, getting money aside for the last Christmas present I now need for the eldest cause I FINALLY found it, and then off to hopefully soon be grocery shopping for these next weeks and a most wonderful Christmas feast with friends and adopted family.

Overall life is good and fun and a gift given to you new with every day you wake up and open your eyes to welcome a new day!! Don’t go wasting it and always make the most out of your days with the ones you love in your life and to take care of yourself if you need it. Self-care is important to go forward and be better. Be kind to yourself and others, you never know what people are going through and especially Holidays can be pretty hard on some!  So lend a smile and maybe a helping hand to people you meet and it will make you feel so much better as well.

Talk soon….

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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