It’s a new day, it’s a new life

First off I still want to say, from my heart and family to yours:

I hope you had a very merry Christmas!!

We are alive!!
All this planning before the big day, and we made it through with no hiccups, no problems and most of all with a very merry family time Christmas!! 

We had three days of family time, people over, a house full of laughter and fun things to do.  Food that was delicious, drinks that were magical, and eyes that were aglow all around when it came time to open presents on Christmas Eve.

Yes, as a German in an American world I am keeping this tradition from home alive.  And I love it cause it is relaxing, the kids are doing great and Christmas Day is for playing all day long from the time we are up till the time we go to bed.

But Santa, of course, came as well in the night to Christmas Day and he really liked the cookies my youngest put out for him and even left quite some wonderful presents for the minions while coming through.

Now we are at the end of our Christmas Break over here, on the second it is back to school for the minions and we are making these last days count.  Except for me having to run errands tomorrow morning we went and saw our Zoo lights last night, at our Point Defiance Zoo which are always a nice little evening stroll and then tomorrow late afternoon we are off to go ice skating here in the city.  It shall be a wonderful time with hot cocoa,  ice skates, music, laughter, smiles, and dinner afterward.

I am excited to do these little things still and make the childhood of these minions as memorable as possible with the options and opportunities I find along the way.  Therefore we are off hiking again as well seeing that the weather is not too cold and it won’t freeze either so far.

Exciting times ahead for all of us with more new things to come as well… Stay tuned.


Talk soon…..


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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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