No Snow in the Valley …we go to the Mountains

It’s been one week already. One week that we are back from the Vineyard and all the fun that comes with that.

I posted a few gray impressions of the Vineyard winter here in my second to the last post which you can find here if you should be interested and now it’s on to the writing.

As usual, we left for our vineyard ‘work-ation’ on our Friday afternoon after we were all done with school, packing our bags, stuffed animals, snacks and blankets for the car and trailer later on. The drive over the pass was marvelous and super quiet with me choosing to rather go over White Pass than my usual, I call it Summer route, which is rather chaotic and such during our PNW winter months.  Too many people are too unsure how to drive in the snow, rain, up and down passes, and rather try to race to their destination than make sure they don’t put themselves but more importantly others, into danger.

So with choosing White Pass all, I have to ‘deal with’ are the people knowing how to drive in those conditions because those are all my winter sports folks that do this every year. Ya for me.  The drive to the other side was done in total darkness, night time and with the boys chill, sleeping and me seeing the occasional huge snow pile on the side of the road which in turn made me decide that I will leave mama’s house early on Sunday and let these minions play in the snow.  And what a wonderful decision it was indeed!!

I went home with some things to work on, the sun in our faces the closer we got to the Mountain and more and more snow to play in.
Shortly before Rimrock lake, we pulled over to the side of the road with lots of room to roam, throw snowballs and make snow angels. “I am the king of the snow!” as my youngest exclaimed comes to mind every time I think of that little break before we took on the last two hours of our drive home.

Now we pulled the break, got our gloves, jackets and warm shoes on and jumped out the car, took fun pictures, enjoyed the sun and snow and got some energy out before we sat back down after we got changed into warm and comfy clothes and I got back to driving while the boys were bundled up in blankets, filled up with snacks and enjoyed the drive home including amazing sunset and our wonderful Mountain to be colored pink during that sunset as well.

After all it has been an amazing weekend and this weekend I hope to make it to one of the  ‘viewpoints’ down here, close to me where you can see our lovely Mountain in its full glory to either sunrise, but sunset will be more likely I think, to get some amazing shots of it all.
I love this State, that mountain and due to do the National Parks still being closed with the Government shut down and all (more info to that will be found here according to Bloomberg) and just a ton of snow up there as well, this is the next best thing with car, food, drinks, camera, music and just relaxing in this wonderful state of mind I am in these days, this week and I hope it will hold on for so much longer!!

It really has been a great week and I know that it will continue just to be as great and next weekend is Mountain and vineyard weekend again and I cannot wait !!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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