Snow day Nr 3

Wednesday, Feb 13, 2019

The kids have not gone crazy yet. We are on our third snow day, although I like to call it slush day by now, and we are all fairly civil still. Waking up after 5 am on most days, and for the middle one is a rather satisfying and rejuvenating situation and he tries to enjoy this and practices to sleep longer on the daily.

Although I have to say that the first one or two days were mildly more successful when it comes to the trials of ‘having to sleep longer cause Mom really does not want to get up at the butt crack of dawn’.

While it was snowing these first two days we even managed to spend most of our days outside the house, running around, playing in the snow, making snowmen, having a good ole snowball fight and, after mom came back from her errands, finished Skyping with grandma and had finally some time on her hands, she/I build a pretty awesome snow slide for the youngins to play on, to slide down on and to just have fun with. In the end, mom/I got to relive my childhood as well. I remember my dad and godfather always building huge snow slides for us children when we were younger and it snowed a lot back home. We kids always enjoyed it and were never to be brought inside unless it either got dark or we were soaking wet.

Back in the present, 1:45 pm

and we are going on our third day of no school, the second day of rain, slush and yuck outside and I wonder when everyone will just go crazy when everything will just collapse in itself and we all will sit in a different corner of the house… The end is near!? Or maybe not and everything will just work out fine and in time for ~hopefully~ school to be in session again tomorrow.

The constant rain from yesterday, lasting in the late hours of the night, did a number on the slide as well and I am glad the kids got to use it and some good use out of it while it only snowed outside and when I was done building it.

All in all these past few days were a mere success and I am glad that because of what I do for work I was able to stay at home with my kids, didn’t have to look for a last minute baby sitter or anything like that. Didn’t have to take any days off, unpaid leave etc and all it took was a few phone calls for the jobs outside the house, which are purely after my own schedule, and the rest will be done at home anyways.

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