Mornings and I don’t mix these days

I am not a morning person. Well, at least these past two mornings I was not. Usually, I don’t mind getting up, getting the day going but, not so much lately. Mostly cause I am too hard on myself on everything I can’t really change anyways and then I let myself go. Ok, not in the sense of starting to be all messy and/or sitting on the couch with a big tub of ice cream, wine, sodas, chips and just binging Netflix but in the sense of letting my thoughts become too negative and getting into a weirder mood than need be. Y’all got this sometimes? I feel for my man who has to deal with this sometimes. Especially when it comes out during me trying to pick out clothes for the day or anything like that cause it always ends the same way: me thinking nothing fits, looks good and my body could use a ton of work anyway… lol I am sorry babe you have to listen to these things sometimes and I hope it does not happen too much.

See, I didn’t even mention all this slow as heck hair grow that’s in a stage weirder than weird hahaha. 😉

Hence today will be a day of good thoughts, protectiveness, and fun until its time for bed!! Can I do it? Yes, I can!!

Is it time to go hiking yet?? Asking for a friend 😉

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

7 thoughts on “Mornings and I don’t mix these days

    1. Hello. Honestly, I am a morning person, turned into one. …its one of the best parts of the day. Everything is quiet, sun just coming up…the world is still asleep. 😊 will write about the adventures today!!


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