Winter Carnival, White Pass, WA

Saturday, 530 am
Wake up time like it is a normal school day but with way more fun waiting for the kids at the end of the road traveled.

We are off to enjoy some good ole snow fun at 630 am. My car not in use cause I need new breaks and was seriously contemplating not to go since I was not sure where and well, how, to get there and back. Cue rescue by the better half, cramming into the smaller car with backpacks, blanket, sandwiches and off we go.

The drive to White Pass is amazing. It is March, the world is awaking sooner and sooner and by the time we were on our way, the sun rose, our beautiful Mt Rainier was out from the start of the day, and the landscape just beautiful to drive through.

You have seen the landscape of US 12 a few times, and the White Pass Scenic Byway a few times in the pictures I posted here; latest through the beautiful winter pictures I took on my last trip over to the vineyard.

Arrival was at about 830 am and boy, I am glad we were as early as we were and although I was feeling bad for having everyone including the better half get up that early and be ready that early, it was good I did cause parking was filling up.
We already had to go all the way to parking lot C and to the back there.

So, here we are, I got the kiddos ready for the snow, snow pants, gloves, scarves, hats and all and then we were ready to go. Grabbed the sled and headed toward the Lodge. Lots of people there already, skiing, getting ready to ski and the snow castle still being perfected, but opened at 10 am.
What to do while waiting for that to open so we could tube and just enjoy it?
We go and climb on a half finished, half finished dragon snow pile!! What else is there to do, duh!?

Once the castle opened up, we were on our way into the castle, through the castle, and toward the tubing ramp. It was fun and I am turning into a winter sports person I tell you. I had one of my best days up there at the Lodge and the winter sport part of town.

But I also think that at some point when you live in WA State, you will have to become a winter person because you are seriously missing out on a lot of fun things to do. Either by yourself or with your kiddos if you have em. It is really a thing here: winter sport, skiing, snow boarding etc… And of course frozen waterfalls!! If you know, I do love waterfalls!!

With my eldest not wearing as many ski clothes she jumped into the Lodge every so often to get warm and just to hang out in there for a bit.
Until we reached her freezing point and just finished up a marvelous day of almost 3.5 or so hours of most fantastic winter fun we had in a while. This year we have been blessed with snow, snow fun and days off we got to enjoy in our winter wonderland.

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