(Rainy) Sunday mornings

209 am and laying here, listening to the rain fall onto the trailer equals good ‘camping’ experience lol

Yes, we are back at the vineyard!

Arrived Friday evening shortly after 6 PM to great weather and everyone else coming home as well, to enjoy two hours of catching up, talking work, going to bed for an early start.

…and when I say early I mean early. Our days here when working don’t start before 8 or 9 am on the weekends but as soon as a crew is coming out to help prune its being up as early as 5 am, with work by latest 7 am.

The upside is wonderful amazing sunrises with vines still all over the place and a perfectly imperfect chaos:

Today we are off to do more of the same yet, with this rain, I’m not sure how much we will get done.

Nevertheless, the sunburned face of mine (outside in nearly 80 F weather on our side of the mountain: NO burn. Outside here, 20 F less and only half a day: BURN!) might enjoy this rain quite a bit. So you can imagine I’m a little red ha ha

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

5 thoughts on “(Rainy) Sunday mornings

    1. Ha it’s my adopted family over here in the USA šŸ™‚ they own it, need help, and I LOVE the work and everything that comes with it. My minions have adopted grandparents and are growin up amazing on the farm and it can’t get better than that!! šŸ¤—


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