Rainy day out

I haven’t been doing well most days of my past two to three weeks and it’s been a challenge to say the least. So today, after a very long night up with my fam, I took my minions and off we went. A walk in the park on a rainy day. Nothing better for your a thing brain than some fresh, rainy air.

And since the accident I am not driving long distance either; which is a very weird tbig in itself since I am the road trip queen for how ever long I can think of, and so the 20 ish minute drive was just right. And seeing that the minions where in an initial ‘we don’t wanna do this’ mood it was just right.

And since rain has not yet stopped me in what I am planning to do with the kiddos when there is a day when I get a chance to get out of the house, we spend a good hour just running, walking, and enjoying the rainy morning.

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

4 thoughts on “Rainy day out

  1. you were in a accident?! I am so sorry. 😦 Don’t push yourself, listen to instinct, and do not feel guilty if you feel you are not where you should be. If it is a five minute drive, then that is enough for the moment. love, light and prayers to you my friend.

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    1. Thank you!! I can and do the drive to all my different work places during the week no problem (although I really question some ppls driving sometimes) just cannot do my 3.5hrs drive over the mountain cause ugh. It happened when I was on my way there a few weeks ago and the brain apparently is a funny thing when it comes to memories and daily things haha


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