Where has the time gone?

Can you believe we are in October already? I feel like I, and probably most of you, have been in and out of consciousness throughout this whole ongoing Covid-19 life style and currently I am coming out of a unconscious state of mind. Slowly waking up again, getting ready again for another busy of energy before the next ‘sleeping state’ hits. It is another school work for us; homeschooling both kids, making the best of it and had to figure quite some things out to get it all going, running smoothly so I could go to work still, make that money and keep that for over our heads and food in the fridge. Mama’s I know, it is tough and rough out there these last months.

The beginning of the year started really busy, friends living with me, quarantine happening, and just not knowing what’s going on really. After April I remodeled house/bedroom, started working out again cause I really needed my mind occupied, and then Summer break for the boys came and went and no idea how it would go on with school. New school year. How is it going to happen, really…. And then I tried to plan a trip down to CA to my other kiddos cause I haven’t been there since I moved her down there, but that was cancelled by the plans our Elementary Schoo had for the youngest minion.

Now we are here, just another manic Monday and the kids are not feeling it at all with school work and remote learning etc. Being back in school with other kids are teachers and all that is so needed yet, I do not see that happening here very soon. Welcome to Washington State I guess. And it’s not just the kids who needed that normalcy back in their lives. It is us parents as well. We are out of leave, sick days, idea what to do with our children when we have to go to work because, guess what, most of us have to continue working so we can keep that roof over our heads and it before more of a challenge the longer this goes on… Since the beginning of this remote learning grades have dropped considerably all over the board and across all classes because kids miss the structured learning and most kids stuff for with the zoom meetings and process of remote learning and the accountability that goes into that sort of thing. I see it with my kids that try get out of class and zoom when ever they can and it tears on their nerves and mine…. Sigh

But we all keep tracking on, trying to do what we can to not lose our shit and keep life as normal as possible I guess. And dying hat said i will move that learning center back into my dining area where the little one is opting more for playing rather than attending school as we speak. Y’all have a fabulous day and stay sane everyone !!

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German gal living and loving life in WA State

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