About Me

Silke Smooth since 81

Let me entertain you with my daily doings, travels, adventures, misadventures, musings and everything else that can go wrong in life. With that basically, every mom out there, sahm or working, single or taken, alive or half dead on some days and everyone else who runs almost solely on coffee and/or wine on most days.


What am I doing you ask…parenting, more or less. I am sure trying 24/7 and most days these minions make it rather easy for me. Challenges are everywhere and road tripping served as a pretty good deal to not feel like being stuck in one place for too long. Military life problems I tell you. Or rather, problems you have when you are not living the military life anymore but the moving bug won’t leave you be.
I ended employment as SAHM mid-November 2017 and am now officially a working mom. Challenge accepted.

♥Well, this is me. This is my life. I have slight OCD; three kids and yeah, that works well together lol
I am born and raised in good ole Germany, moved to the US end of 2008 (oh boy it’s almost been 10 years!!), you can still hear my accent and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I am blogging about whatever comes to mind, interrupted with amazing, fun pictures of all the adventure we are getting into along the way. So buckle down, and strap in for the ride. It’s gonna be a fun one… ♥♥