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…and so I sit here

and wait of things to come. It’s been a crazy day and since the week has been the most smiley, happy, fun, wonderful week with everything on point, this hiccup of locking my keys into my car while I was out cleaning for someone does not even face me. Well not in the world where…

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Vineyard Easter Weekend

    Easter weekend has come and gone and we had our selves a nice little vineyard adventure once more. We haven’t been there since Christmas and after my very freeing, yet a bit nerve wrecking stunt with work, I really, really needed that retreat. It was a good start to get this new life…

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Trail Walk And Minion Time 

After the run yesterday, a bit of a nap, cooking dinner and cleaning, I decided I keep on taking it slow and take my younger minions on a small trail walk.  Yes, all the above is me taking it slow after a run lol. Didn’t expect that? Then you don’t know me yet lol. Anyways,…

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