The changes I’ve made

…. It’s been such a hectic year I still have to process it all. This is going to b an entry over a few days, probably month, so bare with me for a second. Relationships are never only 100% cloud 9 all happy go lucky and all that. There are fights, compromises and all these…

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Early mornings

…I like em best I think.   I woke up really early today, still dark out, with only barely some hint of sunrise on the horizon. I woke up after my first full and consecutive 5 hours of sleep in s long time.  There’s so much been going on that I just decided to enjoy the…

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Someone truely talented

Dad challenges daughter beat boxing is one of the few really good things I’ve seen today. She is amazing and he rely does not stand a chance of yall ask me.  Go ahead, watching, smile and share it. It’s great to see that some people got some real talent!!  And with this I hope you all…

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Mama van Dex & Odin

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The Idylls of Alleysiande

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