Then and Now

For this, I went a bit back.  Back to almost ten years ago,  when I was married, and we were about to move to South Korea or just got there not too long ago.  Time’s sure change, my friends.  Especially in these past ten years or so.  And it is interesting what two different lifestyles,…

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5 Places I want to visit

This is going to be a tough one.  Mostly because my traveling heart desires to go to more than five places lol So, for your sake, I divided them into the United States, Europe, and Worldwide which should make this all a bit easier 🙂 United States:  Traveling along Route 66 Grand Cayon Yellow Stone/Yosemite…

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…we are made to endure quite some pain (childbirth for example), to be the rock for people that are near and dear to us and yet, most the time I am guilty of this described below like so many others cause I, for example, tell everyone “oh its just normal!” or “Nah, it’s just what…

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Just A Usual Day For Me

Now, I don’t think that a lot of you know what I actually do.  (It’s not much, no worries lol)  But I thought it would be fun, to let you see what a somewhat normal day looks like for me.  Let’s say it’s a school day which makes it easier. waking up and getting up…

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